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The Harris & Ross High Performance Team (HPT) have a number of partners who work with us to help deliver our wide range of elite services to Harris & Ross patients.

Each partner is the global leader in their particular field and we’re extremely fortunate to have them working with us. Having brand leading equipment providers is in keeping with our philosophy of delivering world class services to everyone, not just elite athletes.

oakley-logo-x-500-px Eyewear is vital for our team when working outside at events – its not just to look cool! When the elements are against you, you need the best and for us that is Oakley.They provide us with a range of eye wear for all the environments we find ourselves in from the inside of our Vito Sport vans in the North West to the side of a mountain in the Alps. The eye wear needs to perform for us in all conditions – and Oakley does this with ease
gopro-logo-x-500-px Capturing what we do and how we do it on film is an accepted part of sporting life with the athletes. Given the dynamic nature of the work we do and the environments we do it in, we need an equally dynamic and robust piece of equipment – the GoPro.We take these versatile cameras with us everywhere, attaching them to pieces of gym equipment, in the pools to base jumping from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. These cameras perform flawlessly for us in all conditions and the huge demands we place on them in some extremely challenging environments.
sporttape-logo-x-500-px Our patients deserve the best of everything, and rightly so. When it comes to tape we only select the most effective, and SPORTTAPE has consistently out performed its rivals in every environment and circumstance we can throw at it.Not only that, but SPORTTAPE is a small UK company run by clinicians who we are proud to be associated with. Finding a tape that will stick to sweaty dirty skin in the middle of a field when it’s raining is impossible to find – but SPORTTAPE copes with that perfectly. We have a great working relationship with the guys at SPORTTAPE and nothing is too much trouble for them.
ossur-logo-x-500-px Ossur provide us with Cti braces – and their moto is ‘life without limits’. Braces can and do form a part of many athlete’s and weekend warriors lives – enabling them to continue to perform in their sport post injury.There are also certain sports which require bracing to be worn as a preventative measure, such as motocross. Not only do Ossur provide an amazing product to brace the various parts of the body, but they also provide a bespoke custom service for those people looking for that extra performance edge. Regardless of which CTi product you choose, Ossur provide amazing individual products off the shelf.
gameready-logo-x-500-px Applying ice and compression to an injury site or for recovery is nothing new – however GameReady have taken this age old treatment to a new level in the 21st century. A mobile unit with a wrap for each part of the body provides ice and compression therapy to all our patients.With a huge range of programmes, pressures and combined with ease of use – these are an integral part of rehab and recovery for everyone we see. GameReady is by far the gold standard leading piece of equipment in this area and why we have no hesitation in using it whether that’s in a field at a MX race or in clinic.
compex-logo-x-500-px Ensuring we use every tool available to aid the performance and recovery of everyone we work with is something we constantly strive for. The Compex Muscle Stim is one of those pieces of equipment.Its ease of use and effectiveness means we give them to patients to not only use in clinic but take them home with them. This ensures they are maximising everything they do with us.
physique-logo-x-500-px We use a huge amount of supplies and consumables in what we do – often we need to be somewhere at short notice and require specific tools for the job, Physique are a medical supplier who meet our demands with ease.We need to be sure that everything we use from tape to dressings is going to work in the environments we find ourselves in – Physique supply us with top line equipment and tools which perform not just in the clinic, but in some extremely adverse places.

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