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A brief history of blisters and sore feet in the city: A Podiatrist’s perspective

Posted on February 3rd, 2015

Everyone has had one! But what causes them and what can you do?Harris & Ross-716
Blisters are commonly formed on the feet due to excess pressure or friction. But “how does this excess pressure come about?” one may ask…

Often in the city it is from either the ladies (or men) going for a night out in “those heels”, or the brand spanking new Italian leather shoes you picked up in the new year sales, just a bit too stiff and in want of wearing in.

But what about blisters when you run?

Imagine this; you’re in running shoes which have been fitted at the local shop, they feel good, but when you start increasing the miles, your feet are put through their paces, the calluses grow, and the blisters start.

Most people know that a compede plaster will temporarily do the job, but is this another case of “putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound?” The answer: this is when you should look at your individual biomechanics.

One of the most common problems I see with people is tight calves. Having tight calves restricts your ankle range of motion, placing stress on other joints and most often collapsing the arch! This abnormally loads the big toe causing callus to grow, and other compensations in your gait (for another post), and with excess pounding on the road, blisters!

So stretch your calf’s, on the edge of stair, up against a wall, those arduous escalators coming up from the tube, drop a heel, and stretch!
When it comes to the new shoes, an over lapping wear in period between the old and new pair is essential. Alternate pairs daily and it gives your shoes time to dry out, helping them to stay smell free whilst preventing the callus from forming. This goes for heels too, flats one day, and heels the next. So keep changing them!

The last hot tip for the day is to keep your callus at from becoming excessive. Callus is good in small amounts; it protects the skin from the increased pressure it is receiving, but when it starts to thicken, and stick out, the pressure is increased again, causing more and more to grow! Soo… moderation is key. It’s best to get the pumice, emery board, or electric drill, out after the shower or bath, when the skin is soft and supple!

The good news is there are ways to solving all of these issues! Whether it’s taking your new shoes to the cobbler to get the leather stretched, to intermittent use of your best heels, or to getting assessed by your podiatrist! We must all take care of our feet as we only have one pair to keep us moving!

Here are a few common areas you may see on your own feet: inside of the big toe, the arch, and heel area. (Areas of callus tell how your foot is functioning, by the way)

Keeping you updated with your foot health – Will Joyce

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