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European Enduro Champion, Brad Freeman

Posted on February 24th, 2017

Harris & Ross patient, Brad Freeman ended last year on a high note and was given the title of 2016 Overall European Champion in motocross! This weekend, we’ll see Brad take part in the 2017 Italian Championships and we wish him the best of luck!

What started your love of motocross?

My family have always been in to motorsport and so it was kind of just the natural progression for me. I think as a kid, I enjoyed being at the races with my friends and so it wasn’t until I turned 15/16, when I realised the opportunity I had and began to take it more seriously.

What have you learnt throughout your time, from starting out in motocross to being titled Overall European championship and being signed by Enduro!?

The biggest thing I have learnt throughout my career is to just enjoy it. One of the simplest things to say and hardest to achieve. I started out racing in motocross, but lost the love and enjoyment for the sport at a young age and so I became a bit disheartened. Then I found Enduro. I had followed the sport for some time and was very interested in giving it a go. From day one I thoroughly enjoyed it and that showed in my results…Naturally progressing throughout the ranks over the years, to eventually be crowned Overall European Enduro Champion in 2016. A massive achievement for myself, just 5 years after I started competing in the sport.

For 2017, I have been signed by the Beta Boano Racing Sport team to race World and Italian Championships. A massive step in my career and a big opportunity to work with an amazing team with great pedigree. I can’t wait!

How did you find out about us?

I have followed Harris & Ross on various social media platforms for a while, but I actually found out about you through a friend that had been in for treatment. He highly recommended the work by the team, and I was at a bit of a low point in my recovery from injury and was willing to give anything a go. It turned out to be a fantastic decision.

How did you get injured?

I got injured racing the bike. All my injuries somehow involve bikes! I was in kind of a different situation to most, as I was having to deal with a string of injuries all connected to each other, each that hadn’t healed properly. My initial injury was quite bad and I returned back to riding without the injury fully healed or my fitness where it should have been; it was just like a domino effect from there. Four quite nasty injuries in a row…it took a lot of work but I’m just glad we’re through that now.

Has your treatment with Jeff and Martin at Harris & Ross taught you a lot about yourself and your body?

Yes, the treatment has taught me a massive amount. When I came to Jeff and Martin I was kind of at rock bottom, having tried multiple different therapists and none of them working. It just surprised me how knowledgeable they were with all kinds of different injuries, from feet to knees to shoulders. They are very knowledgeable people and I have a lot of trust in them. They taught me a lot about the condition my body was in and how I needed to improve it to prevent this sort of thing happening again.

Was there a particular injury that made you think, this could change things for the future?

I broke my ankle quite bad in April 2015, I’d say that was my hardest injury to recover from. I waited a long time for a diagnosis and subsequently had to have surgery, after which, the recovery process was just full of complications. I had an infection following surgery and struggled to regain the movement and strength in the joint that was required to live a normal healthy life. That one was tough.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me? Just keep enjoying myself! That’s the aim of the game really. I’m in a very happy place right now and it seems to show in my attitude and results. I’m really excited about the opportunity I’ve been given for 2017, to finally race my first full season in a World Championship and my main focus is just to be 100% for that and anything else life has to throw at me.  No regrets.




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