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Harris and Ross – Get me to the Winter Olympics!

Posted on September 24th, 2013

We’ve been fortunate to be working alonsgide Bex Wilson from Altrincham, a hugely talented young athlete who stands an extremely good chance of getting into Team GB’s Bobsleigh Team for the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014.

You can see her working with Doug Jones in our Spire Hospital clinic in Manchester in the video here and Bex also wrote us a blog update on how it’s been going:

Probably a world Harris And Ross are more familiar with than myself; world class sport and high flying athletes, but a world I feel I belong. Talent can only get you so far and then hard work needs to take over.

I approached Harris and Ross in a crucial year with 8months to go until the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.
With no funding/sponsorship I had to appeal to their good nature. Please help get me to the Games!

I have worked with Doug Jones for the last few months and the outcome so far has surpassed anything I hoped for.
The facilities I can access at the Spire Manchester and the knowledge of the staff, is just the environment I need to be in. World class.

Born with Congenital Hip dysplasia, the pain in my Right hip and difference in stability from my right to left side was just something I thought would always remain. Along with all the other aches and pains gained from putting your body through training 6days a week.

With just 1month until the crucial World Cup selections where I need to place no1 to give myself a shot at Olympic Selection, I am faster, stronger, pain free, all in alignment and have reduced the deficit on my right side from 20% to just 6% difference.

Not only do I want to stand on that start line at the Olympic Games but I want to bring back a result for Great Britain and all those like Harris and Ross who have been a massive support in what is a roller coaster journey.

“Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you, is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back…
play for her.” ― Mia Hamm

Bex Wilson, Great Britain Bobsleigh, World Junior Champion 2011

You can follow Bex on Twitter – @BexGBBobsleigh

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