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It’s Not Just About Treatment at Harris & Ross

Posted on April 15th, 2016

Shortly after launching The Irene Parker Skin Safety Message in October 2015, Claire Dale from Melanoma UK came in to Harris & Ross to highlight and increase awareness of skin cancer. This article shows the importance of being vigilant and proves the staff at Harris & Ross will always look out for our patients’ best interest.

Our Soft Tissue Therapist, Becky Ellis was treating a patient, when she noticed something unusual. With the benefit of Claire’s training, Becky was fully equipped to handle the situation. Here is her story…

Last October Claire Dale from Melanoma UK gave a talk at our physiotherapy clinic, Harris & Ross in Wilmslow. After losing her own Mum to melanoma in 2014, Claire has launched The Irene Parker Skin Safety Message. The campaign is aimed at training health, beauty and fitness professionals about the dangers of melanoma and how best to raise this issue with clients.

I am a Soft Tissue Therapist and thought it was a great idea, because as therapists we see our clients’ skin every day. We also get to see the hard to reach places where melanoma can hide like backs, back of legs, necks etc.

Since the melanoma awareness training session, I have been even more aware of skin irregularities and more confident to approach my patients on the importance of skin checking. When I notice an unusual mark on their skin, I now ask if they have had this checked for peace of mind. I feel it’s an added layer of care that we are giving them.

Recently I spotted an unusual mole on a patient’s back and I advised him to see his GP to have it looked at. He called Harris & Ross to thank me personally as he had taken my advice, had his mole checked and it was a malignant melanoma. It was quickly removed and luckily it had been caught early and he is fit and well. If it had gone unnoticed for much longer, it could have been a very different story.

The training I received from Melanoma UK helped me save this patient from leaving it too late. I was so pleased to have helped him and personally rang Claire to thank her for coming into our clinic that day and to prove that all the hard work she is doing taking this campaign around the UK is making a real difference to people.

Quote from Claire, Campaign Manager of Melanoma UK

“I was so touched to receive Becky’s call and was overwhelmed to hear that the training I gave had made a difference to her client. The whole idea of training the industry was born from losing a wonderful Mum and to think that just one person could avoid going through what our family has gone through is a fantastic result for our Skin Safe campaign”

Jeff Ross, Director of Harris and Ross

“Claire and Melanoma UK are doing an outstanding job of creating awareness of skin cancer. The training they have provided to our staff has already saved a life.

As physiotherapists we are in a position to provide advice to people on a range of medical and physical issues. When we observe people’s skin, we are able to suggest that they have any abnormal lumps, moles or spots checked.

At Harris & Ross we are very proud of our staff’s expertise and would like to congratulate Becky Ellis, our senior massage therapist, for providing such excellent advice to her client. She has proved that greater awareness of Melanoma will save lives.”


For more information about the campaign, how you can donate and the great work Melanoma UK does for patients visit

If you are a beauty, health and fitness professional and would like to receive training please email

Or you can contact Melanoma UK and Claire via Twitter: @MelanomaUK and @ClaireDale

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