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James Dunn Part 2

Posted on January 28th, 2015

Prior to his final operation, in part two of our series of articles on James ‘Dunny” Dunn and his recovery from injury we decided to catch up with James and have a chat about where he is and how everything is going.

Where are you up to with your rehab?

We are just up to the four month mark now and everything if feeling pretty good. My fitness has definitely improved a lot over the past few weeks. I have been able to push myself a lot harder. Now we are focussing on getting the last pieces of preparation done before the operation next Tuesday 30th Sept. Once that is done I will be back on crutches for a while but I will be back into the rehab again.

Sounds like a busy time for you, what have you been doing since your last surgery?

Following the last surgery, my rehab started off taking everything pretty steady to try and build up and make sure that the arterial graft had settled, the knee was how it should be and to try and get rid of much of the swelling as quickly as possible. After that we moved into a lot of light cycling to get the knee moving with the last few weeks having been very strength based to get my knee as close to ‘normal’ as possible before the next operation.

In comparison to your time when you aren’t injured, how is your time being spent? Is it any different?

My weeks are kind of the same, normally I would be out riding three or four times a week and racing at weekends whereas now I’m still going out during the week, the only difference being that I am now up in Wilmslow midweek training with the Harris & Ross team. My weekends are now spent going and watching the races or being at home watching them on the computer and wishing that I could be there. I’ve been able to do a few different things with my time while I have been off which has been nice but to be honest, I spend most of my time focussing on how to get back riding.

You must have been missing your bike during this time? It can sometimes be quite difficult to deal with being injured, what have you been doing to help with that?

Its definitely difficult when you are not riding to keep your focus on what need to be done and where you are at. I find knowing rough timescales really helps. Its very easy to think that in a couple of weeks I will be OK but I have found that planning for the worst case scenario has helped.

That seems like it might be a little pessimistic?

Yeah I can see what you mean but I think of it the other way around, its best to look at it this way to avoid being disappointed if things take longer than you were hoping for rather than being upset that I am not back on my bike sooner. If I have the worst case scenario in my head then the only thing that can happen is positive. In addition to that you have to make sure everything is 100% before you jump back on a motocross bike because it is very physically demanding.

Have you got any advice for other people in a similar situation to yourself in terms of rehab or coping with being sidelined?

Yeah, definitely. I think its really important that you follow the correct recovery and rehab process. If you try and come back too soon it can cause the injury to happen again or a different injury as you are weakened in certain points. The key things are to rehab properly and to give yourself time to heal and be strong again.

When are you hoping to be back?

We are looking for me to be back early 2015, if everything goes well. I plan to start riding my bike again as soon as is possible. I want my fitness to be 100% again before I start to ride so that when I get back on a bike I feel like I am ready to go and not unsure as to how things are going to go.

What are you looking forwards to most about that?

Just getting out riding again, having fun hitting some jumps. Yeah, just riding the bike really, there is no pressure early on. Once I have ridden the bike a few times and settled back into in then I will get into doing some motos but for now I am just looking forwards to being back on that bike.

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