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Red Bull Harbour Reach Liverpool

Posted on October 29th, 2014

img_3164Through our ongoing relationship with Red Bull UK, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Red Bull Harbour Reach as part of the medical provision for the athletes competing.

For those of you that are not aware of this event, it is a Wakeboard competition that is held in the iconic Albert Docks, Liverpool. Doug Jones and Carl Dickson were joined by Mike Walton and provided advice and treatment to the 20 athletes making up the field of competition.

img_3173_harborEarlier in the week, Swedish Red Bull athlete, Jeremia Hoppe stopped by for a couple of days of assessment and treatment with the team here at Harris & Ross in Wilmslow. Jeremia, part of the Breddas Wakeboard team, had a serious injury to his knee earlier in the year and had still been struggling with some pain on the bigger kickers and landings.

Jeremia had an MRi scan and further assessment with Doug, our Physiotherapy High Performance lead, followed by a surgical assessment from Professor Phil Turner. Following all of this the team were able to give Jeremia the best possible advice on how to manage his recovery to full health. This involves a 4-6 week course of strength and conditioning. In the mean time, however, Jeremia’s goal was to ride at Red Bull’s Harbour Reach. This resulted in Jeremia taking a trip to see the team at CTi who were able to provide him with an off the-shelf-knee brace that was best fitted to his needs. Alongside this, Doug also taped up Jeremia’s knee to give him the best shot at riding to the standard with which he is accustomed.

To start with, Jeremia was visibly cautious when he was riding although this was probably also to do with the lack of desire to go swimming in the frigid waters of Liverpool’s Albert Docks. As practice went on and confidence in the knee increased, Jeremia was able to hit bigger and bigger tricks that were earning him a lot of credit with the growing crowds. After practice there was a course of massage and treatment using the Game Ready in preparation for the competition the next afternoon.

img_3187_harborDuring warm up and prep on the day of the competition, Jeremia was visibly excited about competing. A couple of preparation laps and some physio treatment and he was ready for the competition. Both of the initial  seeding runs went very well and Jeremia was extremely confident about his capabilities within the competition. This was demonstrated very clearly with the ability to hit a large kicker in the middle of the course allowing him to jump over the old sailing boat that had been turned into one of the obstacles. Prior to the competition Jeremia had no intention of hitting the kickers as they had been causing him some pain in his knee. Hitting this gave Jeremia enough points to make the semi-finals with 5 other riders.

Since Harbour Reach, Jeremia has gone on to podium at two other events and has reported that he is making good progress and his knee is feeling good.

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