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From Stunts to Rehabilitation with Katy Bullock – Part Two

Posted on July 29th, 2016

Six weeks after her accident, Katy Bullock has been extremely busy in her recovery. Concentrating on getting better, she is taking the advice and the prescribed exercises very seriously, abiding by the physios’ strict instructions to repeat them regularly when she returns home.

Whether it was by fluke or not, when I called Katy for a catch up she was at the gym performing the workouts. Always good to know when a patient is sticking by their promises, it is their recovery after all! And when their passion and careers depend on their health and wellbeing, it is all the more incentive to do as much as possible to get better!

As an exceptionally active person, Katy is keen to get moving again. Sitting around all day long, is not something she’s fond of, I’m sure, and getting up, being part of the action, is very much the definition of Katy Bullock. Stuntwoman by profession and moto rider as a hobby, the end goal is to be able to return to normality of performing impressive stunts, manipulating massive machinery and ensuring a crash she and a stunt coordinator have put together, look like a devastating accident.Katy Katy’s talents in deliberately falling and crashing are renowned; this year she makes her Hollywood debut in two films, ‘Now You See Me 2’ and ‘Jason Bourne’!

For the past month, Katy and her mum have travelled from Doncaster to our Wilmslow clinic once a week to spend the afternoon with our team; physiotherapy with either one of our Directors, Jeff or Rob, a hydrotherapy session with Laura and a gruelling workout with Darren in the gym. Mrs Bullock keeps an eye on the techniques, to ensure when at home, the same exercises are repeated exactly the same as when they were first shown in the clinic.

Since Katy first started with us, her progression to full recovery has been startling. The exercises provided to her by the practitioners are becoming more and more challenging, but despite the hard work, Katy has conquered them. She spends most days in the gym repeating the exercises, one of the most recent being interval training on a spin bike, set by the ex-military man himself, Darren Roberts. As hard as he can be, Katy is just as strict with herself when it comes to doing the exercises in her local gym and at home, with her mum not far away, making sure Katy is sticking to the techniques shown to her earlier that week.Katy 2Yes, Katy’s objective is to return to work and crash lots, but she has set herself attainable achievements to conquer in the meantime, in order to help her strive for the end goal. Her current ambition is to be able to mountain bike next month – no down-hilling, of course! – With a view to riding in the country as her next step and with some help from Harris & Ross, we will aim to get her there. She’s #comingbackstronger.

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