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The Benefits of a Podiatry Assessment

Posted on March 15th, 2016

Harris & Ross podiatrist, Will Joyce explains how a visit with him can help improve your fitness..

What does a podiatrist assess and what will the session involve?

In a typical appointment a podiatrist will start with rigorous history taking; this is used to identify any injuries or patterns of injuries that may be affecting your mechanics or muscle imbalance, including injuries often occurring on one side or reoccurring injuries. The podiatrist will then examine and use tests to help differentiate the source of the pain.

A biomechanical assessment tests your joints for congruency, angles and movement quality, muscle length and strength, balance and a walking and running gait analysis will then be undertaken. From here they will formulate a treatment plan which often involves; stretching, strengthening, gait retraining, padding, taping, prefabricated or custom orthotics or advice on appropriate footwear.

What can the podiatrist advise on to improve my form?

Most people start running from a young age and unless they attend athletics they are not taught how to run properly. A personal gait is unique to them and therefore each person will run differently. If you look at the first 10 marathons runners to finish a race you will see they all run differently, although there are a few characteristics that are similar between the runners; these include having a step rate, the foot landing beneath the hips, and running tall.

I feel fine when I am training, what are the benefits from seeing a podiatrist?

A podiatrist can help prevent injuries before they happen. By having appropriate footwear, advising on training methods and identifying tight and weak muscle areas they can help you keep your body balanced and help reduce the rate of injury.

I’ve been training for a couple of months, can I expect a sudden difference in my performance?

If you have only been running for a couple of months, then an individualised training program and appropriate progression can help build your performance faster, for example adding in interval training will quickly build your cardiovascular system. Targeting certain muscles with strength work and changing your running form can quickly change how hard a run feels and will allow you to run faster and further whilst decreasing the impact your experience.

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