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Training for the London Marathon 2017

Posted on March 16th, 2017

Since before Christmas, Total Fitness’ Facilities Manager, Chris Halsall has been preparing for the London Marathon. With guidance from ProFit Personal Trainer, Olivia and our pracitioners here at Harris & Ross, we’ve provided Chris with the best possible groundings to train for the demanding challenge.

We will be following his journey until the big day on the 23rd April, but here is an insight in to his training so far.

You decided to go for the 2017 London Marathon after your children spurred you on, have you completed a challenge like this one before?

I have done smaller challenges such as the Manchester 10k, Total Warrior & Adrenaline Rush, but none of them have been further that 12k.  It has always been on my ‘bucket list’ of things to do, the kids just gave me the nudge I needed to enter it and I was (un)fortunate enough to get a place.

Do you have a weekly training and diet schedule?

Olivia @ Profit has put a plan for me.  It is a mix of weights, runs & interval training.  She has also given me loads of dietary advice, protein intake, fruit & veg etc. The initial plan is to build on the biomechanical analysis and work on my structural balance.  I am definitely starting to feel stronger when running and can see improvements in how far and how fast I can go

How was the festive period for you? Were you strict with yourself or did you have any allowances…a few roasties and yorkshires?

I was trying to be on my best behaviour over Christmas, but did allow myself a couple of cheat days.

What’s your motivation during your training?

I have always been a competitive person, and while I don’t think for a second I am going to win, I want to make sure I give this my best shot.  As I have said it has been on my bucket list to do this so I want to give it a good go.  I don’t plan to do any more, but you never know.

Also I am raising money for Cancer Research.  Unfortunately I have several family members and a number of friends & colleagues who have had this.  I just have to think what they went through while I am struggling on a run and it gets me through it and I have a commitment to complete it for the people who have donated

Do you have any tips on how to keep going during these cold, winter evenings?

Train inside at Total Fitness!!

Otherwise put on several thin layers so you can remove when you warm up.  The cold doesn’t really bother me, just gusty wind & rain in your face.

On longer runs, make sure you plan a route that give you goals to reach every mile or so. I.e. make it to the top of that hill or getting to that junction is half way round.

How have your sessions at Harris & Ross benefitted you, have the practitioners provided a few good tips to help you train?

The guys at Harris & Ross have been fantastic!  Tom gave me a full biomechanical analysis and some exercises to help make my running as efficient as possible.  He also gave me some advice and contacts to get some new trainers, which I have done.

Sharon has also been amazing, although when she has been working on my quads and calves I could think of different of different works to describe her with.  But I can really tell the difference the following day, when I can move freely again.

Have you learnt anything about yourself since seeing Sharon and Tom?

Tom did identify that one leg was longer than the other! Only by a couple of millimetres, and he has sorted me out with some heel inserts to correct this.

What are your plans for the next couple of months leading up to the Big Day?

Gradually building up the miles to a max of about 18-20 miles.  Regularly checking in with Sharon to put me back together so I can keep training hard!

The hotel in London is booked so there is no getting out of it.

To contribute to Chris’ chosen donation, click here:
For details of how donations will help, can be found here:


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