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Acupuncture For Hayfever In Wilmslow

Harris & Ross are now offering acupuncture for hayfever in Wilmslow at our Total Fitness based clinic.

Hayfever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis, brings misery to sufferers every year during the pollen season and it is really kicking in about now! An allergic reaction to pollen can debilitate sufferers causing them to have itchy eyes, streaming noses and constant bouts of sneezing.

Conventional treatment to ease these symptoms predominately involves anti histamines and minimising exposure to pollen. However, anti histamines are not always effective and, often the benefit only last for a few hours.

Many people are exploring alternative ways to manage their hayfever symptoms. Here at Harris and Ross we feel that we can help you achieve this through the use of acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is increasingly being recognised as a safe effective treatment and physiotherapists are the single biggest group of Health Care Professionals to offer acupuncture to their patients in the UK. So much so, that the World Health Organisation in 2003 recognised acupuncture as a proven effective treatment for hayfever.

Acupuncture can be performed safely and effectively through the insertion of sterile thin needles at specified points around the body. Patients usually require on average 4 sessions to see a significant benefit but some can notice a positive change within 1 -2.

If you would like acupuncture for hayfever in Wilmslow Harris & Ross clinic, our lead practitioner offering the service is Emma Farr. Find out more about Emma here. To book an appointment simply call 0161 832 9000.