APOS Therapy For Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis & More

Harris & Ross are the only provider of APOS therapy clinics in the North West. This treatment option can be an excellent choice for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and other knee related issues. Find out more about APOS treatment below-

APOS therapy is a foot worn device with two movable rounded discs attached to the sole, these are prescriptively positioned to meet your needs, and are able to alter movement patterns in such a way that they can reduce pressure on parts of the joint responsible for your pain and optimise your muscle activation. With the goal of not only reducing your pain whilst you are wearing your APOS, but also subconsciously teaching correct movement patterns which you will retain once you remove the APOS to continue your pain relief throughout the day.

This coordinated activity makes APOS useful for:

Knee Osteoarthritis

Chronic knee pain

Torn meniscus

Knee ligament damage

Anterior knee pain

Pain following knee surgery

Lower back pain

Sacro Illiac pain

Hip pain

Multiple site issues

As a therapy option APOS has multiple benefits. Initially the no obligation two hour consultation allows enough time to comprehensively understand your issues and how they are affecting your lifestyle, plus the goals you would like to achieve. This in isolation gives you the opportunity to have your issues fully addressed; the assessment will allow us to decide if APOS is the correct treatment for you or if there may be a more suitable alternative.

Once in treatment APOS fits nicely into daily living and the repetition provided from pottering around at home allows the body to gently yet effectively learn to move correctly once again, after what is usually an extended period of poor compensatory movement patterns.

The initial treatment stretches over the course of a year, so we can alter the devices to meet your needs and progressive improvement to facilitate further progression.

It is important to stress that osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that APOS therapy and Harris and Ross does not claim to be able to “CURE” but, we are able to help to reduce your pain levels so that they are no longer holding you back from the things you would like to do.

APOS is particularly useful for those patients that are:

  • At home for a few hours during the day
  • Wishing to avoid more traditional medical approaches such as injection and surgery
  • Sensitive to traditional rehabilitation and strengthening – those people who become very sore as a result of normal physio exercises.
  • Unable to get to a gym or pool to do traditional exercises.
  • Reluctant to use a gym or pool.
  • Already partaking in a rehabilitation program but wanting a further push.
  • Too busy to be able to fit a traditional rehabilitation program into their day.

How APOS therapy works-

YouTube video

Comment from Harris & Ross APOS therapist- Rebecca Hodgkiss

“APOS therapy has proven its effectiveness in dealing with knee arthritis, I have many patients who have been in treatment for over 9 years. They started because they had been advised that they were imminently in need of a joint replacement but were keen to avoid surgery. 9 years later they are happily able to manage their symptoms with their APOS devices and are able to continue to live a happy and active lifestyle. Conversely, I have younger mid 50’s patients who are still very active (running marathon distances, cycling over several continents, Himalayan trekking) who use a more challenging prescription of their APOS to successfully manage knee and lower back symptoms, in conjunction with their normal exercise regime where they had previously been struggling to remain injury free for many years.”

If you would like to learn more about APOS therapy and book an initial APOS consultation, call 0161 832 9000 

APOS Research Papers:

Annual Research updates for APOS Therapy available for download here;