Back to sport 21 weeks after a nasty injury left her with detached hamstrings!

Katy tells us how Andy and the surgeons helped her back to sport 21 weeks after a nasty injury left her with detached hamstrings!
Andy Renshaw  was recommended to me by an Orthopaedic specialist in November 2020 after a sports injury resulted in detachment of my right hamstrings. I was told I needed to see an experienced physio with a very good understanding of this type of injury. Despite a hectic schedule, Andy made time to see me the day after my diagnosis. He spent time educating me on how to avoid further damage, and gave me confidence to proceed with surgery, talking me through what rehabilitation would look like.
When I first saw Andy, I was in a lot of pain, struggled to walk up any type of incline, let alone run, & couldn’t even drive in a car for more than 20 minutes without a lot of discomfort. But 21 weeks on from surgery, and after a tailored rehabilitation programme rebuilding strength and flexibility in my right leg, I’m now back to routinely running 5ks, practising yoga, hill walking and my dream of one soon getting back to karate no longer seems like a pipe dream. I even managed a 9 hour car journey to Caithness at the end of May without suffering a single twinge in my leg.
At all of my fortnightly visits to Harris & Ross Wilmslow clinic, I always felt safe, despite being in the midst of a national lockdown. The clinic is very well ventilated, and organised. I consider myself very fortunate to have been a patient here. I strongly recommend Andy to anyone looking for a motivational, experienced physio.”
Thanks for your feedback Katy!
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