Understanding Lower Back Pain

With 98% of adults experiencing back pain at some point in their life, we wanted to look at possible causes, a range of solutions, and different ways to avoid it.  For some, back pain might be brought about by a specific incident – a tweak when lifting something heavy, bending over the wrong way and […]

I Like To Move It

Best Exercise Options for All Ages Being physically active is an essential component of overall health and welfare. Getting up and moving around can keep your body and mind in good shape no matter how old you are. However, choosing the best course of action can be challenging when faced with so many choices. That’s […]

Should I stop when it hurts?

One question we get asked a lot here at Harris & Ross is “should I stop XYZ when it hurts?”. Here, our Physio Dave Williams answers…… The answer to this is not always! It will depend on the problem and situation, but pain does not always relate to damage or harm particularly with lower back pain (LBP). […]