Frequently Asked: “How do I know if I need a scan or an X-Ray?”

Dave, our popular Wilmslow based Senior Physiotherapist, is frequently asked: do I need a scan or an X-Ray? Here he explains his answer……

“The answer to this question will be injury dependent. There isn’t always a right or wrong. We should ask ourselves; “will having some imaging done change the management and decision making?”

These images are designed to assist the clinical examination, and help to provide evidence. This evidence will support or reject the hypothesis of the clinician on diagnosis. It may lead to decisions on surgery. Here at Harris & Ross we are able to order both X-Rays and MRI scans for our patients, at local private hospitals.

Traumatic injuries managed in A+E may require some imaging. If we want to investigate for bone fractures, or joint health e.g Osteoarthritis, then we would require an X-Ray.

MRI scans are more costly, but provide much more detailed information on soft tissue related injuries in particular. They also offer good detail around bone.

CT scans can also be used for more detailed profile of bones, but due to the higher exposure to radiation, we are unable to request these.”

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