“Fantastic advice and attention”

We love receiving your feedback and this was a good one from Fran Quigley, who received ‘fantastic advice and attention’ from Sophie Tucker.
“I commenced my physio treatment with Sophie at the end of January this year. I found the pre- Covid appointments helpful and insightful. They got me off on the right foot (pun intended) on the road to recovery. My issue was focused around running, and Sophie diagnosed it as “tibialis posterior tendonitis“. It  was finally great to know what the issue was, and also that it was curable with treatment.
Then lockdown happened. Sophie still maintained regular contact throughout this hard time. She video called regularly and provided me with the same level of care and attention as in face to face appointments.
Upon the clinic reopening, I started visiting for face to face appointments, all with strict PPE measures in place. If I’m honest, I was a tad apprehensive about going back in, but there was literally NOTHING to worry about at all. The rooms are spotless, cleaned after every appointment and Sophie wore protective face mask. Hand sanitiser was regularly available. I was highly reassured by all the measures in place.
Fast forward, I am now up and running and still keeping up with my exercises. I would not have got to where I am now, if it wasn’t for Sophie’s fantastic advice and attention over the last 7 months.
For anyone in any doubt about visiting Harris and Ross during Covid, fear not. I would highly recommend booking an appointment and chatting through any questions you may have beforehand. They’re there to help!
Thanks Sophie!”