“I have my life back!”

Moira Warby “I have my life back!”

We love hearing your feedback, and we always aim to get you back to being able to do the things you love! Thanks for getting in touch Moira!

“I’ve pretty much always struggled with back pain, over the years. I slipped a couple of discs 20 years ago, and things worsened. Then last year things got even worse! The back pain and lack of mobility incapacitated me to such an extent, that I couldn’t work for a period of 6 weeks.  I could hardly leave the house. I literally spent months on the sofa. After investigations, my back specialist referred me to Harris & Ross, and I started seeing John Gripper at the Wilmslow clinic. He has completely turned things around for me.

I am very grateful for all his expertise, patience and input. Apart from the slipped discs, the issue now seems to be muscular, affecting the gluteus maximus, as well as a weak central core. At first, I could hardly get onto the couch. Now, months later, I have my life back! I can walk, bend, jog, cycle and swim. The therapy consists of massage combined with a moderate weekly increase of movements through physiotherapy. It has taken a lot of time and effort, both from myself and John. I am now at the point where I need to attend physio sessions less often. John has also done another big thing for me; he suggested I see a nutritionist. The food I was eating was affecting my health and back too. After seeing this other health professional, my health is in a far better place. I remain very grateful to John.”