Harris & Ross are experienced in Ingrowing Toenail treatment and can offer patients significant relief through either cutting some of the nail away, or nail surgery at our Wilmslow and Manchester clinics. Find out more here about what an ingrowing nail is and how we go about treating this painful issue – 

Ingrowing toenails

Ingrown toenails happen when part of the nail starts growing into the side of the toe in what can be a very painful condition.

Patients can develop this as an acute episode due to trauma to the nail or poor cutting technique. It can also develop as a more chronic issue where the nail keeps growing the same way and develops regular infections.

Depending on history and severity ingrown nails can sometimes be treated conservatively or sometimes require surgery.

Conservative treatment involves cutting away the problematic piece of nail that is digging into the skin, this is usually enough for pain relief.

If the problem persists nail surgery may be indicated:

Partial Nail Ablation (PNA)

Under local anaesthetic a portion of the nail is removed all the way down to the base. The matrix of the nail is then destroyed using a chemical which stops the nail from growing back. After healing the nail will usually look the same as before but slightly thinner.

Before performing nail surgery a medical history will be undertaken to check it is a suitable option. The procedure itself takes approx. 1 hour to perform, after this we advise rest and keeping the foot elevated for the rest of the day. Patients are usually seen for a redressing appointment 24-48 hrs later.

Dressing are required for the next 2 weeks being changed daily, after this the wound will start to dry out and returning to sport etc is normally fine.

The procedure is 95% successful in preventing re-growth but in the rare case this happens a further procedure is often required.

To have your ingrowing toenail assessed by our podiatrist, Oliver Taylor, and for ingrowing toenail treatment call 0161 832 9000 to book an initial chiropody assessment appointment