Here at Harris & Ross, we have well established relationships with personal injury claims solicitors and private medical insurance companies, enabling prospective patients to be easily referred to us.

If you pay for private medical insurance you can request to be seen by Harris & Ross senior & consultant physiotherapists at any of our Wilmslow, Altrincham, Manchester or Wigan clinics. Simply email us on supplying –

  • Policy/membership number
  • Authorisation code
  • Number of sessions authorised

NB. in line with our patient terms and conditions, if all 3 pieces of information cannot be provided at time of booking, the appointment will be booked as a ‘self pay’ booking and it is the patient’s responsibility to pay and claim back from their respective insurance provider.

Harris & Ross provide physiotherapy services on behalf of

Private Medical Insurance Companies:


If you are wanting to start treatment with Harris & Ross through your insurance provider, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require further information. We aim to make your journey with us as smooth as possible, even before your initial appointment!

For insurance enquiries, please email

Insurance Specific Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that you will only be funded by your insurance company for treatment costs over and above your excess level. Should your insurance company reject payment of our invoices due to excess being required – you are 100% liable to make payment of these appointments direct to Harris & Ross.

If appointments are booked with Harris & Ross via an insurance policy which subsequently runs out of value or sessions and invoices are rejected from your insurance company as a result, you are 100% liable to make payment for these appointments direct to Harris & Ross.

Harris & Ross reserve the right to freeze appointments until monies owed on insurance accounts are settled.