Harris & Ross are pleased to launch Isobar Compression Wear for our patients and are the only North West supplier of this cutting edge compression wear. Isobar Compression garments are compression garments which are custom fit for the individual and their compression requirements.

How does Isobar compression wear work?

  • We take a high resolution 3D scan of the patient’s limb knitting a bespoke garment that fits perfectly with the prescribed pressure profile
  • The garments are therefore much more effective and comfortable compared with off-the-shelf compression. Rather than a range of pressure at the ankle the patient will get an exact pressure to within 1mmHg.
  • Isobar has markedly superior comfort and compliance data compared to off the shelf garments (Professor Charles McCollum, University Hospital South Manchester).

Current research studies include:

  • Venous ulcer treatment and prevention
  • DVT prevention in high-risk pregnancies
  • Lymphoedema
  • Compression efficacy in athletic recovery.

The scanning and knitting process

  • The 10-second 3D scan records approximately 260,000 data points from each limb and is transferred via internet connection to the Isobar factory in Manchester, England.
  • This data is converted into an algorithm on a specially-adapted, flat-bed knitting machine.
  • The exact graduated pressure profile is dialled in.
  • The socks will be made and sent out from the factory to the clinic
  • We advise that the 3D scan is done at the beginning of the day or after a period of compression bandaging to ensure the swelling of the limb is at a minimum.

Isobar Compression for athletes

  • Isobar garments are also used by many elite athletes from a range of sports (Olympic athletes, PGA golfers, rugby & football teams, NBA Teams).
  • Compression is used to help speed up recovery from intense exercise (decreasing DOMS).

Market Leaders

  • Isobar Compression garments last for 100 washes with no change to the pressure profile of the garment. Garments can be machine washed at (40 degrees centigrade, but must be air dried).
  • We deliver an exact pressure profile rather than a range of pressure (eg: Class II European range is 23-32mmHg)
  • Accurate graduated compression reduces venous transit time
  • 20mmHg at the ankle decreases venous transit time by 31%
  • 25mmHg at the ankle decreases venous transit time by 59%.

Re-ordering process

  • 3D scans are stored on a secure database
  • Any +/- 10% change to leg or arm circumference requires a new scan.

Putting on Isobar Compression

  • Before wearing Isobar Compression for the first time we strongly recommend watching our ‘How to Wear’ film to avoid damaging the medical grade compression (a link to this film will come with your order).

Relevant Conditions For Purchasing Isobar Compression

  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Lymphoedema
  • Ankle Injury and Sprains
  • DVT prevention in high risk pregnancies and long-haul travel
  • Preventing leg swelling in pregnancy and the elderly
  • Varicose vein treatment
  • Reducing swelling following injury or surgery
  • Post-thrombotic syndrome.
  • Exercise recovery

To book your Isobar Compression scan at our Wilmslow clinic, please call Harris & Ross on 0161 832 9000.