Jackie is back walking a marathon a week

Our patient Jackie is back walking a marathon a week with her dog and her trusty orthotics!

Our team love hearing your feedback and it doesn’t get any better than this! Making a positive impact on someone’s life is why we are here. To keep you active; dog walking, running, climbing, swimming…..doing what you love. We do what we love, so you can continue doing what you love.

Jackie says: “I have been coming to your clinic for 2 years now on and off for different problems. I first saw Andy Reynolds for treatment following knee replacement 3 years ago. Having seen the physio recommended by the hospital, I was still in pain and suffering a lack of mobility. I like to walk 3 plus miles a day with my dog, so my life was greatly impacted. How I wish I had gone to Andy following my operation! The difference was transformational!

After that I saw him for a shoulder injury (rotator cuff) but with Andy’s management I have managed to escape the knife. Then I suffered with plantar fasciitis which is when I met Oliver Taylor. He gave me a thorough examination. He custom made me orthotics, which have made a tremendous improvement to my general posture and my knee – but also the foot problems. I went back to him early this year for a review, as I walk well over a marathon length every week. I felt my orthotics needed a bit of adjustment. I also needed new walking boots (having gone through 3 pairs last year) as I also have a protruding bunion which stretches quality walking boots to the max.

I asked Oliver for recommendations about boots, and he did some research for me and gave me some options. I contacted one of the companies who made boots for people with bunions and also different foot shapes. Again I visited Oliver with my new boots and he was able to customise insoles for me to fit the orthotics.

I have walked every day in my new boots and orthotics and its great to be active again. My furthest walk so far was 7.5 miles and up 40 flights of stair equivalents.

The treatment and service I have received from both Andy and Oliver has been outstanding. It’s a shame they don’t get to know how much a difference they have made…,. because I don’t go back until I have another problem!  Although I have told them personally on my last visits how things have improved. I even had a video consult with Andy (because of Covid) for a back problem I had-  and again advice and reassurance was all that was needed to get me on track again.

I can’t praise them enough, and whenever anyone wants recommendations I always point them in your direction!”

Thank you Jackie for sharing how you are getting on.


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