Knee Injury & Advise Pop Up At Harris & Ross 12th June- 11:00-12:30

Join us at Harris & Ross Wilmslow on 12th June 2019 from 11:00- 12:30 for our FREE Knee Info & Advise pop up event. The event is perfect for anyone who is currently suffering with knee pain, swelling or mobility problems. Our skilled physio and podiatry team will take you through why knee issues can occur, the various treatment options that can help and also offer mini assessments.

To book your place simply click here and find out more about our experience in this area and what we will be discussing at the event below.

Knee issues and injuries are one of the most common problems Harris & Ross clinics across the North West treat. As a result, we are highly specialised when it comes to-

• Identifying, diagnosing & treating knee injuries & conditions
• Pre and post surgery preparation & rehabilitation for needing surgery
• Management of ongoing knee conditions such as arthritis

Harris & Ross have long standing relationships with the best knee consultants in the UK and where surgery is required can get fast track referrals for our patients.

How Harris & Ross Approach Knee Injuries & Issues
Patients presenting with knee issues will often have knee pain, swelling and/or mobility issues. Our first actions are:
1) A Physiotherapy Initial Assessment establishing the knee flexibility, strength & alignment
2) A Podiatry Initial Assessment to identify any gait and biomechanical issues
Based on the above we have a number of intervention options which can work hand in hand if an operation is required or help to ensure surgery can be delayed or even not required.

Intervention Options

Some conditions & injuries can be treated very effectively with a course of physio. Aswell as hands on treatment, the Harris & Ross team will put together a tailored strength programme for each patient. This can either be home based or gym based. Clients will also be provided with a supporting stretching programme. Strength & flexibility data will be taken so that progression is evidenced in facts & figures

For some patients, knee issues can be alleviated with orthotic insoles. They can help offload the knee and correct alignment. We can measure patients stride length, weight bearing on each leg and so on to ensure we make corrections to the perfect levels.

Harris & Ross have hydrotherapy facilities which allow us to help patients strengthen their knees without have to suffer impact through weight bearing. This is particularly useful in pre and post surgery rehabilitation.

Harris & Ross are the only North West approved APOStherapy providers. This innovative treatment option is particularly successful for alleviation of pain & pressure in those suffering with knee arthritis. Patients are provided with technical footwear which is calibrated specifically for their issues- it can be an effective option for avoiding surgery as long as possible.

Donjoy Knee Braces
We are the Cheshire approved fitting centre for Donjoy. Their lightweight carbon braces are excellent for offloading the knee. They are favoured especially by patients keen to continue pursuing sporting activities such as skiing, golf and tennis without exacerbating knee issues.

Harris & Ross are hosting a free event on 12th June 2019 from 11:00-12:30  where you can meet the team, hear more about our knee treatment options & have a free mini assessment.

The event is at our Wilmslow clinic which is upstairs at Total Fitness Wilmslow on the A34.

To book your FREE place, simply click here or to book an initial knee assessment call 0161 832 9000.