The confidence to ski!

Ann Baron – Donjoy review.
Ann Baron came along to our Snow event last year and ended up buying a brace for her forthcoming ski holiday. She’s kindly written us a review of the brace.
“I bought my Donjoy knee brace following a Harris & Ross pre -ski season event last year, and after talking to John Gripper.
I had a badly torn meniscus in my right knee 5 years ago sustained playing tennis. This was repaired during arthroscopy and I had physio and worked on rebuilding muscle lost whilst waiting for the operation.
I am 66 years old fairly fit for my age – having participated in various sports all my life – including skiing for more than 40 years. I had not skied or played much tennis since the operation as I had lost confidence, as well as strength in my right knee.
After working with John and talking to the Donjoy people, I decided to buy their brace which was custom made, intending to use it for skiing and tennis.
I went skiing in January, the first time for 5 years and wore the brace everyday. It was fantastic. I hardly felt it at all and it gave me the confidence to ski
for several hours each day, for the whole week without pain. That was something I had feared I might never do again.”
Harris & Ross are an official Donjoy fitting centre for the North West area – and can offer brace fitting services at our Wilmslow, Altrincham, Manchester & Wigan clinics.

Donjoy supply an extensive range of knee braces for both adults and children, which can help with a range of injuries and conditions.

One of the most popular braces is the Donjoy Defiance Custom Brace- which offers outstanding support and is custom made to your exact measurements. As it is lightweight & slimline, it is very popular to for sports and is used by many patients who enjoy activities such as skiing, hockey,  tennis, polo and motorcross.

Simply book a measuring appointment with us – now your Donjoy North West fitting centre, by calling 0161 832 9000. The service takes less than 20 minutes and costs £47.50.

The brace cost itself starts from £699- depending on the customisation options chosen.

Your details will then be supplied to Donjoy USA,  where your custom brace will be processed, built and returned within 7-10 days.