Harris & Ross are pleased to announce the launch of a new service in our podiatry department- Optogait. This is an advanced level offering which gives our practitioners high levels of data on patient walking and running patterns- leading to even better diagnosis and outcomes.

What is Optogait?

Optogait is an innovative system for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients with normal or pathological conditions.

How does it work?

The system is equipped with optical sensors working at a frequency of 1000 Hz and having an accuracy of 1 cm, detecting the relevant space and time parameters for gait, running or other test types.

The objective measurement of such data, combined with an integrated video acquisition, allows us to monitor a patient’s condition on a constant basis, detecting problem areas, assessing mechanical inefficiencies and rapidly verifying the existence of asymmetries between the two legs. This allows to develop a customised patient recovery.

It is furthermore possible to compare very quickly and easily data of tests carried out at different times, in order to assess the validity and the efficiency of the methodology applied.

What are the benefits of an optogait analysis versus a standard gait analysis

  • We can assess objectively the patient’s general physical conditions
  • Identify deficiencies, postural problems and asymmetries on the basis of data and video analysis
  • Develop and apply therapeutic rehabilitation and orthopedic solutions on the basis of precise data.
  • Prevention – thanks to immediate assessment of numerical values – of relapses, complications and pathological or post-accident condition due to wrong evaluations or diagnosis
  • Periodically verify the results and the efficacy of treatment
  • Giving patients tangible evidence of improvement
  • Compare post- and pre-accident values if applicable
  • Verify, in a dynamic situation, the efficacy of orthotics or functional tapes
  • Compare various shoes and their effect on the patient’s gait

Who might an optogait analysis be particularly relevant for:

Optogait analysis is a more objective way to collect, digest and utilise data from a gait analysis. It’s relevant for people struggling with walking and running, sports injuries and can play a role in rehabilitation for any movement related lower limb issue.

Using biofeedback we can also perform walking and running gait retraining in real time using visual cues.


What happens in an optogait appointment with Harris & Ross

Optogait analysis is easy to perform from a patient perspective. One way to think about it is a way of bringing research level data collection into a clinical environment – allowing us to use objective measures to inform treatment, orthotic prescription and any other clinical interventions.

The optogait analysis will form part of a full biomechanical assessment which you can find out more about (here).

Infrared beams are shot across the treadmill and disruption of these is recorded by the optogait system to record space and time information such as step rate and stride length. These parameters can then be used to compare left and right sides and to inform the clinician of a potential biomechanical origin of the presenting injury.

Interested in booking an Optogait running analysis with Harris & Ross?

Appointments are 75 minutes and cost £150. Call 0161 832 9000 to book your appointment now.