High Performance Management


Our High Performance Team is made up of strength and conditioning specialists, physiotherapists and our podiatrist, each of them bringing a wealth of experience to each patient.

Our team are experts in returning world champions or weekend warriors back to their sport as soon as possible, always ensuring they are ready and safe to do so.

Clubs, teams and individuals travel miles to visit our clinics, as they know we will get their bodies working as best as they possibly can.

Elite conditioning isn’t just aimed at professional athletes, often time is of the essence and here at Harris & Ross, we will work with you to make sure you recover as quickly as you can.

That extra strength to win the race, or conditioning to get you back on the slopes, is worth all the work!

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Following my injury in 2014, I called Darren and the High Performance Team for a second opinion. Their quick action led to several surgeries and months of rehabilitation with Dicko and Laura but I am certain without it, I could have lost my leg altogether. Without them I don’t think I would ever have been able to ride let alone race again.

James Dunn, Professional Motocross Athlete

World class care

What sets us apart from everyone else is a number of things, such as our combined experience of working in this highly-specialised field, the individualised “boutique medicine” we use, the in-depth reports generated for the athletes, teams, sponsors and managers and the state of the art facilities utilised on a daily basis.

Harris & Ross will be with you every step of the way and the demand is such that athletes who previously used their own specialist services, are now choosing Harris & Ross Perform to manage their care.

To ensure you are receiving the best treatment, we maintain strong relationships with top consultants and hospitals in the North West, enabling rapid access to imaging, scans, consultations and surgery.

Immersed in the athlete’s world

We completely understand what these athletes put themselves through on a daily basis and are immersed in the athletes’ world. A number of our practitioners have a personal understanding of the sport, as they themselves take part and therefore know the kinds of risks an athlete can be confronted with.

The nature and demands of their different pursuits pushes the boundaries of sports and exercise medicine and our system of support is as innovative and unique as the athletes themselves.

Make sure to take time to have a look the athletes journey, taking in some of the phenomenal athletes we have helped.

To find out more about our high performance services, contact our team or if you have an emergency you can call us immediately on 07736 197 999.

As the North West’s leading physiotherapists and with our multidisciplinary clinic, we are able to lead our patients through their recovery. To find out more about the services we provide, you can click on the following links: physiotherapy, children’s physiotherapy, soft tissue and sports massage therapy, podiatry, chiropody and AposTherapy.