Podiatry & Biomechanics

Harris & Ross have a specialist podiatrist in our Wilmslow. Oliver Taylor has a wealth of experience and is an expert when it comes to foot health offering podiatry, biomechanic assessments, chiropody and nail surgery.

About Harris & Ross Podiatry & Biomechanics

Podiatry is the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the foot, ankle and lower extremities of the body.

It’s sometimes only when you get an injury, that you realise the importance of your feet and how much pain they can cause. This is when you need a podiatrist!

Sometimes it isn’t that obvious that a foot doctor is what you need – for instance, sports injuries of the leg can often actually be associated with the biomechanical function of the foot/lower limb. To find out the sorts of pain and injury which might suggest you need to see a podiatrist click here.

Podiatry involves ‘Biomechanics’ as this is the study of the mechanical principles explaining how our bodies move. Understanding biomechanics can be vital to preventing pain and dysfunction within the musculoskeletal system. Hence anything related to the foot and ankle needs to be assessed from a biomechanic perspective to understand the cause of discomfort.

The foot is a unique part part of the body, with many bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments all interacting to make it very complex. The foot is like a pivot over which the body moves and provides the first contact the human body has with its external environment. The interaction between the foot and the floor can also often be ignored when considering injury of the lower back, hip, knee and ankle.

Given the important of the foot to movement and function all over the body, Podiatry is integral to our overall health and well being. This is why podiatry, biomechanics and chiropody are a central part of the Harris & Ross physiotherapy and rehabilitation service. Our Podiatrist,  Oliver Taylor  at our Wilmslow clinic is on hand to help with your feet!

Podiatry treatments:

  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Walking & Running Gait Analysis and gait re-training
  • Footwear Prescription & Modification
  • Manual therapy and mobilisation
  • Custom and Pre-fabricated Orthoses

To find out about our chiropody and nail surgery services click here.

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With a wide range of  high-quality treatments, Oliver is able to help our patients from our Wilmslow clinic.

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