Chiropody Services At Harris & Ross

Looking for a chiropodist in Wilmslow? Here at Harris & Ross we offer chiropody and services. Treatment is led by our podiatry and foot care specialist – Oliver Taylor.

Oliver advises that foot care is really important in maintaining pain-free feet. The development of dry skin or hard skin can often result in splitting in the heel or burning pain under the ball of the foot. Hard skin has even been shown to influence your biomechanics especially where pain is involved.

Oliver is the podiatry specialist and chiropodist in Wilmslow  Harris & Ross. Core chiropody services at Harris and Ross includes:

  • Hard skin and corn removal
  • Fungal nail/ foot infection assessment and treatment recommendations
  • Pressure redistribution and offloading
  • A variety of verruca treatments including needling under local anaesthetic

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You can also email us at or call on 0161 832 9000. 

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