Ski Series- Athlete By Treatment If Not Design

In the Harris & Ross Ski Series, we have looked at ski nutrition to keep energy levels high and injuries at bay, and advised on pre ski conditioning to ensure those muscles are as strong as possible before heading to the piste. In the last of our pieces this season, we hear from patient Jake Miller on what happens to Harris & Ross patients in the unlikely event of a skiing tumble…

It’s always good to dream, so despite lacking any talent and youth definitely not being on my side, I still haven’t fully given up on becoming a professional athlete as I race towards 50. That slight hint of optimism continues to be unwittingly fuelled by the way I am always treated by the team at Harris & Ross.

Let me explain…yet another sports injury meant the standard call to Darren Roberts (High Performance Manager Harris & Ross – who actually does look after the professional athletes we manage and our football playing daughter), before I jumped on the plane back from Canada. Within an hour of landing back in Manchester, after an eventual week of back country skiing in Whistler, I was sat in front of leading hand surgeon, Mike Hayton explaining how my tireless ambition had once again outstripped my actual ability. After a thorough examination of my extremely swollen left wrist / hand, the team then arranged for an x-ray and MRI scan all of which were completed and reported on within the next few hours.

Thankfully nothing was broken this time, with everything pointing to an underlying condition that had been caused by a snowboarding injury from four years ago, as a result of which I took up skiing as it was meant to be less dangerous! Following the initial examination, the very next day I was hooked up with a dedicated hand physiotherapist who got to work on reducing the severe swelling, her specialist work was aided by the use of one of Harris & Ross’ Game Ready ice machines, which combined to give some immediate and amazing results.

With the next Olympics in Tokyo two years away, and thanks to the ongoing care and treatment provided by Harris and Ross – I have every confidence that I am already on the road to making a full recovery, so I continue to live in hope of being selected for the games in Japan!

Jake Miller –  G2F Media

For the last 20 years from their Lancashire based offices G2F Media have managed some of Britain’s best professional motorcycle riders including a few World champions and Red Bull UK’s longest serving athlete of any kind. Moreover, one of Jake’s three daughters is currently part of Manchester City’s U16 girls squad.

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Spending time on preparation is the definite way to stay out of trouble and enjoy your time on the piste to the max! Doing some short circuits each day is a great way to build strength and balance. Check out our consultant physio below with a 60 sec ski exercise circuit.. feel the burn!

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