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Sports Massage In Manchester With Tiffany Lunn

If you’re looking for sports massage in Manchester, head to Harris & Ross for treatment with our practitioner Tiffany Lunn. We caught up with Tiffany recently to learn more about her passion for sports massage, why she loves working for Harris & Ross and why her work is so important to her

Why did you decide to study sports rehabilitation?

I have always been very active and have played numerous different sports. However, I was also very accident prone and frequently got injured. I had to see sport therapists on a few occasions, including for an Achillles tendon tear, MCL grade II tear, and grade II hamstring strain.

With my Achilles Tendon injury I was out of sport for 9 months, and for long periods I struggled to walk without being in pain. The therapists helped me through my injuries and return to sport. During the rehabilitation I learnt a lot about the injuries I sustained and found it very interesting. I had found a career path which fascinated me as well as combining the two things I was most interested in: helping people and being involved with health and fitness.

What do you enjoy about treating with sports massage?

Seeing the difference in the patient from before and after the treatment – many people feel very stiff or in pain to begin with, it’s brilliant to be able to see the positive changes as the treatment progresses and their stiffness and pain is reduced.

Why you wanted to work at Harris & Ross?

I had the privilege of working alongside Harris & Ross at an event earlier this year, and their dedication to their patients as well as their professionalism was unparalleled. They are a highly established and one of the leading physiotherapy practises within the country, employing specialists in their fields. As a newly graduate, this is one of the best physiotherapy clinics to work for, with excellent facilities and even better opportunities.

What do you see as the major benefits of sports massage/deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage influences the mechanical properties of soft tissue which helps to:

– Reduce muscle pain, soreness, tension, stiffness, spasms

– Stimulates the release of endorphins which acts as a pain reliever

– Enhance physical and mental performance

– Improve range of movement/flexibility

– Accelerate recovery

– Relaxation, de-stressing and general improvement of psychological wellbeing

– Overall helps to reduce the risk of injury

Can everyone benefit from sports massage?

Soft tissue therapy isn’t just for sports people, it can benefit everyone:

– Reduces stiffness, whether that is age-related, job-related or just built up over time

– Research has found that regular massage has incredible psychological benefits, which includes reducing anxiety, stress, tension and depression, whilst increasing positive wellbeing, mood, general health and quality of life

– Helps reduce and manage chronic pain

– Many office workers commonly have chronic lower back pain or neck pain, associated with stiffness, headaches and neck muscle spasms. Soft Tissue Therapy is an effective way of providing maximum long term benefit.


How it can support you as a pro or amateur sports person?

Deep Tissue massage is a key treatment option for professional and amateur sportspersons. It helps with preparation, recovery and management and injury prevention in sport!

Preparation: before an event, Deep Tissue Massage is effective at enhancing physical and mental performance, improving flexibility and releasing trigger points within the muscle

Management and injury prevention: Regular massage is brilliant to improve/maintain flexibility, and prevent the build-up of tension within muscles which can lead to injuries

Recovery: Sports massage works deep within your muscle to release any aches or pains. It increases blood and lymphatic flow, which helps to improve the recovery of your muscles, as well as alleviating DOMS


Tell Us A Recent Sports Massage Patient Success Story?

I recently helped a semi-professional footballer, who also worked in an office. Due to the office and working at a computer daily he often had neck stiffness. It came to an important Game Day, but his neck had seized up and he was struggling to turn his head at all without being in pain. I gave him a deep tissue massage whilst the other players were warming up for the match. After the treatment his neck was a lot looser and he could now move his head without being in pain, ready just in time to play.

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