“Stef is an excellent Physiotherapist and a lovely person”

Paul Reynard is back to cycling after 7 sessions with Stef following hamstring problems. Here he tells us about his journey to recovery.
“I attended the Wigan clinic for the initial assessment with Stef on the 13th of July.
My age is 71 and I have been actively involved in many sports and activities since the age of sixteen. My  issue was Gluteal pain in both legs, which I thought could be connected to possible Hamstring problems. Stef listened to, and took on board, my self diagnosis before carrying out a physical investigation. As the assessment progressed, I felt a growing belief and confidence in Stef’s knowledge and ability. By the end of the assessment, I knew that she was the person with whom I wanted to work in order to improve, and eventually control my issue.
Over the following sessions, Stef diagnosed my issue as Hamstring Tendonitis. I worked hard on each of the exercises she suggested, because I desperately wanted to get back into my activities of cycling and long distance walking. By the seventh, and final appointment, Stef was pleased to tell me that I had made significant progress. I felt that I had been given the knowledge and skill to not only control the pain and discomfort, but to be able to develop further techniques to build strength within the Gluteal and Hamstring areas.
Stef is an excellent Physiotherapist and a lovely person.”