Blisters and sore feet

Blisters and sore feet: A Podiatrist’s perspective

Blisters and sore feet : everyone suffers at some point! But what causes them and what can you do? Blisters are commonly formed on the feet […]

Harris & Ross visit Add People

Earlier in the week Doug Jones, our Clinical Director, and a team of physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists headed over to visit the team at Add People. […]

We have a new website.

As you may have noticed a couple of things have changed. We have a new website. This has been a long time in development and we […]

Pertinent perils of the nail salon

ATTENTION, All fungus, please report to the nail salon. Now personally I prefer optimism, so this isn’t a post about “blogging off” nail salons, but it […]

Salford Triathlon : Tri Tips

The Salford Triathlon is coming. Here are our training technique tips, including the advice you need to survive and succeed during the swim, cycle and run.

The Benefits of a Podiatry Assessment

Harris & Ross podiatrist, Will Joyce explains how a visit with him can help improve your fitness.. What does a podiatrist assess and what will the […]
Personal Best

5 Ways To Beat Your 10k Personal Best

The Bollington 10K takes place on 10th August. Work towards beating your personal best with our top tips and improve your training with Harris & Ross.