Tapinng & Strapping

Harris & Ross are specialists in taping and strapping for a number of purposes including correcting posture,  stabilising sprains & more. On many occasions, the issue is a condition known as Achilles Tendinopathy.  Find out more about what this is and how we go about treating it here-

What is it?

Sports taping and strappings are used across joints, muscles and tendons of the body to achieve different therapeutic effects.  A number of different types of tape can be used.


How does it work?

Laying strapping over the skin of specific structures provides the brain with increased information of that area, which in turn can bring about changes in movement, joint position, biomechanics, muscle tension and even pain.


What is it useful for?


It can be used to help re-enforce better posture through facilitating more optimal positioning of the neck, upper back and shoulders. This is very useful for people whose work involves being desk bound all day, and commonly end up in a slumped position! The pull on the skin of the tape gives a reminder to the brain that this is not where the body is supposed to be going; the extra tension of the tape can also provide additional restraint to fall into a bad posture.


Stabilising Joint Sprains

Strapping can be useful relatively early following a sprain, for example following ankle sprain.

It can also play a vital role in providing extra support and confidence when returning to training and sport. For example, when returning to play rugby following surgery for a dislocated shoulder, a heavy shoulder strapping can help re-enforce a better shoulder position and can assist in limiting shoulder movement to help protect it.


What can Harris and Ross do?

At Harris and Ross we commonly use taping and strapping to assist with treatment and rehabilitation.

We also have many people come in to be taped prior to sporting events to give them that extra bit of confidence. Our physiotherapy and podiatry team commonly use taping to assist with:

  • Posture
  • Joint sprains to ankle, shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, fingers and thumb
  • Arch support for feet – useful for pronated feet especially
  • Patella mal-tracking
  • Sacro-Iliac Joint issues can sometimes get benefit
  • K-tape to reduce muscle tension and assist with swelling


How long do the effects last?

Taping is not a long-term solution.  However, from clinical experience a large proportion of people get good benefits from it.

It is important to note that taping is an adjunct to rehabilitation. There is no point relying on the ankle being strapped following an ankle sprain if the muscle strength has not been regained in the first place!

Harris & Ross offer 15 minute taping specific appointments. To book one or an initial physio assessment for an injury which would benefit from taping at our Manchester, Wilmslow, Altrincham or Wigan clinics, and discuss a treatment  call Harris & Ross on 0161 832 9000 or click the book now icon below