What to expect from your first appointment?

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little anxious and wonder what to expect for your first appointment.

Here at Harris and Ross we set high standards to ensure all patients that come into our clinic receive the best possible care.

New Patient Assessment sessions can vary from practice to practice. Here at Harris and Ross we like to spend an hour with you initially to get to know about your life and the impact the injury is having on it. You will be asked some specific questions about the injury and about things away from the injury…. such as your day job and any hobbies you have. This enables the clinician to gather a good picture about you what your goals are for your physio journey.

After we have discussed the injury, our physio will ask if it is possible to have a look at the injured area. Please come prepared… comfortable loose clothing will be ideal e.g shorts. Also, bring some appropriate and comfortable footwear in case we go through any functional exercises to assess your current abilities or when we do some rehab.

Usually after the assessment we are able to tell you what the cause of your issue/ injury is. We will ensure you fully understand how we can work together to improve things. There will usually be time to provide you with some hands-on treatment and some rehab to get you started in your journey to being pain free and back to your ultimate goals!

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