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We remain open for face to face appointments at all of our clinic locations, despite current gym closures.

We are confident that when you come and see us you will feel safe. Safety measures have been put in place to protect you, our patients, and our team. Our reputation as the leading Sports Physiotherapist Practice across the North West is something we’ve always been very proud of. The dedication to your wellness and health now extends to following the strict government guidelines regarding Covid-19.

There are distancing measures in place in our waiting areas, treatment rooms are cleaned between each appointment, and our physios and massage therapists are fully equipped with PPE. Before your appointment you will be asked to confirm you have not experienced any symptoms, or been in contact with anyone confirmed with Covid-19, in the last 14 days. You must not have returned from overseas in the last fortnight from a country that would require a quarantine period as per government guidelines.

Please attend your appointment wearing a face covering, and use hand sanitiser provided before entering, and upon leaving our clinics. Please pay in advance for your appointment to minimise contact points wherever possible.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation with these safety measures.

It’s been a challenging year. Your ongoing support is, as always, very much appreciated.

Harris & Ross is one of the country’s leading physiotherapy practices, with clinics in Manchester, Wilmslow, Altrincham and Wigan. Our aim is to bring our standards of elite, professional care to everyone. The Harris & Ross specialist team will work with you to diagnose your problem and create a detailed physiotherapy programme that is tailored specifically to your needs, whether you are looking to recover from an injury, improve your general fitness or prepare for your latest sporting challenge. We employ the very best in diagnostics, rehabilitation and conditioning techniques at our four convenient locations across the North West, providing you with the benefits of our physiotherapy expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to help you reach your goals. 

What our clients have to say…

  • When I first stepped through Harris & Ross’ doors in Wilmslow, I really thought I would never walk properly again. I was at an all time low and had lost my confidence in being able to walk and (more…)
    Sophie Fisher
  • "I write this testimonial as a means of expressing my sincere gratitude to Harris & Ross Physiotherapy, and specifically, Mr Jeff Ross, Director.  It seemed the least that I could do given the transformation in my (more…)
    Neil Rose
  • "Suzy [Ross, Senior physio] provided exercises to be done while at the gym and stretches for home. The differences between other physiotherapists and Harris & Ross, are the physios at Harris & Ross (more…)
    Dr Mike Davies
  • "The work they do here just instils so much confidence, because I feel like everyone knows that this is a special place. They treat you with such regard and respect and would do anything to (more…)
    Lisa Karnstein
  • I'd won the whole of the Diamond League Series, been the most consistent performer in the world that year and that's because of all my training camps I'd had with the Harris & Ross staff (more…)
    Jenny Meadows
  • I've been struggling with my left foot on and off for the past two years, given running is my best friend it has been rather frustrating... (more…)
  • Dave Williams
    Jordan Robb was treated by Dave Williams at our Altrincham clinic:
    As someone new to the area of Manchester, I had no idea which physio I should go to, so my desk based research was going to be my judge.  After eventually choosing Harris & Ross, I told a teammate at football who was quick with praise for 3 separate issues he'd had - a good start.
    From my initial consultation with Dave, I was put at ease.  His thorough but fair questioning and various physical tests seemed to point to one cause, which he was able to put into Layman's terms for me to understand.  I was reassured that my ailment would improve through a course of hands on work with Dave (acupuncture and massage) along with a series of stretches, exercises and foam rolling to conduct in my own time.  Such was my confidence in his diagnosis and treatment I followed his every word and felt a huge improvement over the course of a couple of months.  Our sessions thereafter lasted 30 minutes and I was well aware of his conscious effort not to waste time whilst still being meticulous with my treatment, squeezing in as much as possible in the short space of time.
    An aspect I particularly appreciated was his own suggestion of discharge, as I know from experience there are other physio's who would happily continue to ask you back so they can continue to earn.  This considered approach to the conclusion of my treatment was the cherry on the cake for me and has ensured that should I need to, I know where to go for a truly professional physiotherapist.
    A credit must also go to your team who were easily available should I need to switch an appointment and also your handy online exercise programme, which was a tool that echoed the slick and helpful experience with Dave.
    Keep up the terrific work and please extend my thanks.

What we have to say…

2 hours ago

Harris & Ross

#BehindTheMask #knowyourphysio

Chris Wearing tells us his path to becoming one of our most popular physios…..

“I was very active as a kid. I used to play a lot of #football and had a lot of #aches and #pains as a result of growing pains and being so active. Consequently I spent a fair bit of time with physios. When it came to making some decisions on what I wanted to do, I always knew I wanted it to be #sport related. With my interest and exposure of physiotherapy when I was younger, and in an attempt to stay close to sport, I decided to go for it and try and become a #physio. Now I’m in it, I feel it suits my personality – I like meeting and helping people, and am very goal orientated.

It was at the University of Salford, that I achieved my BSc Hons in Physiotherapy in 2013. I then went on to do a Post Grad Diploma in Sports Injury and Rehabilitation, and have recently started a #Masters in Strength and Conditioning.

I also do some work with the #Academy at #ManchesterUnited – where I end up treating a lot of lower limb injuries and adolescent issues like growing pains.

Outside of work I enjoy a lot of #sport. I love going to the gym but also #running, #climbing, #walking, football, and I play a lot of #golf. I recently got #married – so I spend a fair bit of time with Katy too. We like #travelling, going out and seeing family and friends.

For me, the worst thing about #lockdown was not being able to see family and friends.

The best was having the opportunity to get loads of little #DIY jobs around the house finally done.“
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2 days ago

Harris & Ross

Great to see Jeff putting Shauna Coxsey through her paces this morning - always working hard Shauna! 💪👌 looks a bit ‘ouch!’ ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Harris & Ross

#BehindTheMask #KnowYourPhysio

John Gripper explains how #sport has been a passion of his since he was small….

“I grew up wanting to play sport all the time. It was lots of #rugby, #football and #cricket that I played as a nipper. I experienced a few injuries in my teens, including a #kneesprain in a rugby sevens tournament at Newquay Tretherras, (we lost in the final to Penair).

The difficulties I was having with knee pain (and confidence a few weeks down the track) lead me to see a physio called Louis Gifford. Louis was an amazing bloke and physio. A wonderful #Cornishman and fantastic #physio – he got me going again. A bit of education, a bit of treatment, some #exercises and guidance over 3 sessions and I was back into #training and kicking balls around. It was chatting to Louis that initially sparked my interest in physio – they did more than just run on with the magic sponge in football!
I realised I was never going to be good enough to play sport for a living, (like you dream of as a kid), and I wasn’t going to be a rock star, (the other appealing option). I liked meeting people and I was interested in human #movement, #anatomy and physiology. Physio seemed like a good option to be able to work within sport to some extent as well.
I studied at Northumbria University, and got my BSc in #Physiotherapy. I have done my foundation course in #Acupuncture as well as going on all sorts of different courses to update and develop my skills and knowledge since #qualifying.

I enjoy food in a big way. My missus and I are always on the lookout for new places to go try in or around #Manchester. I love the beach, #hiking, #surfing, travelling, spending time with friends and family – the usual stuff.

Best thing about lockdown? The sunshine. Worst thing about lockdown? Time off but not being able to go see friends and family or get away anywhere.”
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#BehindTheMask #KnowYourPhysio

Chris Wearing tells us his path to becoming one of our most popular #physios
“I was very #active as a kid. I used to play a lot of #football and had a lot of #aches and #pains as a result......
#physiolife #lockdown

Great to see @shaunacoxsey in this morning - always #workinghard on her #rehab 💪

#BehindTheMask #KnowYourPhysio

John Gripper explains how #sport has been a passion of his since he was small….


#physio #physiotherapy #lockdownlife #physiolife #qualifications #sport #treatment #kneesprain #football #rugby #cornish #sportphysio

#Sunday - let’s smash some goals for this last week of #November and get those appointments booked! No need to put up with pains and niggles. Book in now online.

#makeplans #Weekahead #makeaplan #action #physio #injuryprevention #covidsafe #chiropractor


Stef Hurst is a #Physiotherapist at our #Wigan #clinic. Here she tells us why she decided to become a #phsyio….


#career #knowyourtherapist #knowyourphysio #lifegoals

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