About Harris & Ross

Harris & Ross, formed in 2004 by Directors Rob Harris and Jeff Ross, grew from the desire to be able to bring the same level of care provided to elite athletes to the general public; bridging the gap between how professional sports people were being treated and what was available to everyone else. Both our Directors hail from the elite sports world and brought their experience and skillset to the table, welcoming ALL who come through our clinic doors.

Rob and Jeff have earned their reputation throughout their careers. Jeff held the position of Head Physiotherapist at New Zealand’s Rugby and Football teams, before uprooting to the UK and taking on board the responsibility of reforming the Medical department at Manchester City Academy. This then lead to him becoming the Head Physiotherapist at Sale Sharks Rugby Union. Rob started as an international cyclist, then when he arrived in the UK he was offered the Head Physiotherapist position at Wigan Warriors RFL. His other roles have included 5 seasons as Head Physiotherapist for Manchester City Football Club and Great Britain Lions as well as being asked to offer his consultancy services for numerous premiership rugby teams.

For over a decade Harris & Ross has grown and flourished and we now hold clinics in four geographical locations around Greater Manchester and Cheshire. With over 20 experienced practitioners on the team with world-class credentials, we are recognised as one of the country’s leading authorities on post-operative knee, shoulder and spinal rehabilitation.

Our experienced team include; senior physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, a podiatrist and hydrotherapist and our highly regarded High Performance Manager, Darren Roberts; with this multidisciplinary team we can diagnose your problem with the best tools at hand and create a treatment plan specific to your goals. Using the best diagnostics available, our practitioners will assess your symptoms and history – study your posture, the way you move, discuss your workplace and your way of life. The smallest of adjustments, can make a significant difference.

At Harris & Ross we use a sports model of rehabilitation, where we aim to get you back to full fitness in the shortest, most appropriate time frame. With our experienced staff, access to state of the art facilities and our close relationships with some of the UK’s leading surgeons and radiologists, this creates a complete, bespoke care package for our patients. So whether you’re a professional athlete, an office worker or a labourer, we want to work with you to relieve any pain, fix the root cause of your problem and help you achieve your goals.

The Team

Every member of the Harris & Ross team is a specialist in their field, we wouldn’t have it any other way.