Sleep ok?

Harris & Ross top physio Dave Williams tells us about the importance of sleep in enabling the body to rest and recover. “Having worked in football for 8 years, I fully understand the demands of the working week & the effect on personal wellbeing & family life. Too often we dedicate so much to the job; in commuting, numerous meetings, […]

Understanding Lower Back Pain

With 98% of adults experiencing lower back pain at some point in their life, let’s look at possible causes, a range of solutions, and different ways to avoid it.  Possible causes: For some, back pain might be brought about by a specific incident – a tweak when lifting, bending over the wrong way and feeling […]

How to increase your running distance.

Increase your distance

Are you a keen runner? Knowing how to increase your running distance is a key part of training and progressing. Doing it safely is critical. An injury could set you, and your training, back significantly. Increasing your training distance to achieve half marathon instead of 10k can seem a daunting prospect however it can be […]

Winter Running Tips

Running over the winter months is certainly not the easiest with the weather, light and potential hazards at play. Check out our winter running tips to help you get out training in these cold months and stay on track for your fitness goals. With dark nights and the cold weather, you may find it harder […]

Want to become a Physiotherapist?

Want to become a Physiotherapist?

Do you want to become a Physiotherapist? Read on to find out more about what the role involves, what qualifications and qualities you will need, and where you might go with your career. As a physiotherapist you will work with people on a daily basis, assessing and structuring treatment programmes for your patients. You will […]

Good work posture

Good work posture

Good work posture is renowned for being important in the office, yet is hardly ever encouraged. It may feel more comfortable to slouch in your chair, or it seems like you are too busy to notice your posture. But over time the build up of bad pressure and stretch through your muscles and joints can […]

5 Ways To Beat Your 10k Personal Best

Personal Best

The Bollington 10K takes place on 10th August. Work towards beating your personal best with our top tips and improve your training with Harris & Ross.

Back to sport 21 weeks after a nasty injury left her with detached hamstrings!

Back to sport 21 weeks after a nasty injury

Katy tells us how Andy and the surgeons helped her back to sport 21 weeks after a nasty injury left her with detached hamstrings! ” Andy Renshaw  was recommended to me by an Orthopaedic specialist in November 2020 after a sports injury resulted in detachment of my right hamstrings. I was told I needed to […]

Back to training after 4 sessions with Dave (after 3 other physios failed to help).

It really was that straight forward - back training after 4 sessions with Dave, after 3 other physios failed to help

David had just 4 sessions with our Wilmslow Physio Dave Williams before he was back to training after 2 years of pain. “I’d had issues with my shoulder for around two years which was preventing me from training consistently and to a good standard. I’d seen 3 physios who’d failed to properly address the problem. Then […]

Hiking or Fell Running?

Hiking or Fell Running?

Hiking or Fell Running? Here’s some tips from Senior Physiotherapist Owen Clarke, and Podiatrist Ollie Taylor to keep you on the right path 😉 Like any endurance challenge, the key is correct and specific preparation. The majority of all injuries occur when muscles or joints are exposed to an amount of load that is more […]