Paul Longfield

“The results surpassed expectations!” – Paul Longfield

“I underwent bilateral groin hernia surgery and was referred to Andy Renshaw at Harris & Ross for post-operative physiotherapy. I’d used Harris & Ross previously for […]

Sports Spotlight on: Netball

Stef Hurst from our Wigan clinic brings us this Sports Spotlight on Netball! Netball has become more and more popular, particularly since England’s success in the […]
Sport spotlight on gymnastics

Sports Spotlight on: Gymnastics

Jeff and Suzy’s daughter is a keen gymnast and here Suzy Ross shines the Sports Spotlight on Gymnastics. “Gymnast’s Wrist (Radial Epiphyseal Injury) Wrist pain is […]
Sports spotlight on snow sports

Sports Spotlight on: Snow sports

This Sports Spotlight on Snow Sports is written by our Wilmslow massage therapist Rob Cartledge – a keen snowboarder. “As the days get shorter and the […]
Sports spotlight on hockey

Sports Spotlight on: Hockey

Dave Williams, of our Altrincham and Wilmslow clinics, shines a ‘Sports Spotlight’ on Hockey……. Hockey’s popularity, particularly in the women’s game, grew after the brilliant success […]
GP or Physio?

Frequently Asked: “GP or a Physio?”

Sometimes we hear from patients who have woken up in pain, and they call up asking “should I see my GP or a physio?” We asked […]
Moira has her life back

“I have my life back!”

Moira Warby “I have my life back!” We love hearing your feedback, and we always aim to get you back to being able to do the […]

Sports Spotlight on: Football

Here, for this Sport Spotlight on Football, Andy Renshaw shares his in-depth knowledge about the sport, common injuries, and how to avoid them. Andy Renshaw is […]
event pre / post treatment

Frequently Asked: “Should I be having pre / post event treatment?”

As Physios, one question we hear a lot is – should I be having pre / post event treatment? What are the benefits of having pre […]
Fantastic advice and attention

“Fantastic advice and attention”

We love receiving your feedback and this was a good one from Fran Quigley, who received ‘fantastic advice and attention’ from Sophie Tucker. “I commenced my […]
Do I need a scan or X-Ray?

Frequently Asked: “How do I know if I need a scan or an X-Ray?”

Dave, our popular Wilmslow based Senior Physiotherapist, is frequently asked: do I need a scan or an X-Ray? Here he explains his answer…… “The answer to […]
common swimming injuries

Sports Spotlight on: Swimming

Next up under the ‘sport spotlight’, is Swimming. A popular sport that’s been missed by many during 2020, our Physio Becky (in our Altrincham and Wilmslow […]