Hiking or Fell Running?

Hiking or Fell Running?

Hiking or Fell Running? Here’s some tips from Senior Physiotherapist Owen Clarke, and Podiatrist Ollie Taylor to keep you on the right path 😉 Like any endurance challenge, the key is correct and specific preparation. The majority of all injuries occur when muscles or joints are exposed to an amount of load that is more […]

Jackie is back walking a marathon a week

Jackie is back walking a marathon a week

Our patient Jackie is back walking a marathon a week with her dog and her trusty orthotics! Our team love hearing your feedback and it doesn’t get any better than this! Making a positive impact on someone’s life is why we are here. To keep you active; dog walking, running, climbing, swimming…..doing what you love. We do […]

Knee pain while going downstairs?

Knee pain while going downstairs

Knee pain while going downstairs? Our friends at APOSHealth have written a useful article on just that, so read on to find out why this happens, what might cause it and how to help avoid it. One of the most frequent complaints about knee pain is of aching when climbing up and down stairs. So, […]

Jim is playing Golf again

Jim is playing golf again

Jim is playing Golf again, after suffering for years. He came to see Chris Wearing at our Wilmslow clinic . “I’ve been struggling with a bad back and hips on and off now for several years, with the condition slowly deteriorating. I’ve been to a number of organisations for treatment… with some respite but nothing long […]

Sports Spotlight on: Netball


Stef Hurst from our Wigan clinic brings us this Sports Spotlight on Netball! Netball has become more and more popular, particularly since England’s success in the Commonwealth games in 2018. The sport has enjoyed increased interest and participating figures, with a survey published in 2019 reporting over 300,000 adults play the sport (England netball). As […]

Sports Spotlight on: Tennis

Sports spotlight tennis

Tennis is undoubtedly an explosive and high impact sport; lower limb joints are particularly stressed e.g. hip, ankle and knee. Even through the upper body is not in a weight bearing position, the trunk, torso, shoulder elbow and wrist take a lot of force enabling us to generate the speed and accuracy of certain shots. […]

The Mindful Netballer Event- 26th June- 1630- At Harris & Ross Wilmslow


As netball becomes more and more popular, with generations of new players inspired by the amazing England Roses, Harris & Ross are seeing more young players with injuries. The Mindful Netballer event on 26th June at Harris & Ross Wilmslow in partnership with Furyan Sports Management will talk children and parents through the common growth […]

Knee Injury & Advise Pop Up At Harris & Ross 12th June- 11:00-12:30

Senior man with pain in knee

Join us at Harris & Ross Wilmslow on 12th June 2019 from 11:00- 12:30 for our FREE Knee Info & Advise pop up event. The event is perfect for anyone who is currently suffering with knee pain, swelling or mobility problems. Our skilled physio and podiatry team will take you through why knee issues can […]

Harris & Ross Launch Football Rehabilitation Department

Harris & Ross are proud to announce the launch of a brand new department which will focus on football rehabilitation for players across the UK. Harris & Ross are one of the leading sports physiotherapy practices in the country. Founder – Jeff Ross – set up the medical department at Manchester City and Harris & Ross now […]