Want to learn how to rehab like an athlete?

We see lots of patients here at Harris & Ross – lots of elite athletes needing to get back to their special sport. But also many more people just like you or me, just trying to recover from their own injuries and get back to doing what they love; whether that be walking the dog, running 10k or just being able to move pain-free. But what can we learn from those elite athletes and how they approach their rehab journey? How can you rehab like an athlete?

Firstly – to 100% commit to your Physiotherapy rehab programme. The commitment and dedication to rehab comes a little easier to a professional sports person; it is their JOB to return to full fitness ASAP. It can often be harder to commit to your programme of exercises and appointments when you have a different full-time job, and life commitments – but it remains critical your rehab gets your best efforts. This will ensure efficiency in the speed of your recovery.

Attention to detail in terms of technique is important too – for example – if your physio has asked you to squat, but in a certain way – you need to remember the certain way – to ensure the exercise is doing precisely what your physio wants it to.

Accept that sleep is vital for all recovery. Get plenty of it. Prioritise it.

Have the patience to ‘rest’ if you are told to.As Physios, our role is not just treatment in the here and now. We play an active role in your rehab understanding. It’s also education – an investment in your future – giving you the knowledge to empower you to avoid similar issues and injuries in the future.